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“9th National Convention 4,5,6 February in Ujjain”

‘Swalambi Kisan, Sampann Gram, Samarth Bharat’ with the announcement of the slogan 9th National convention of Bhartiya Kisan Sangh” is going to start 4th February in historical city of religious importance, Ujjain. The convention will be held for 3 days i.e. 4,5 & 6 February, about 1 lakh farmer from Malwa region (Madhya Pradesh) and 15000 representative from all over India are expected to take part in this grand convention. On this occasion, Param Pujya Jagad Guru Kanchi Kamkothi Pithadhishwar Swami Jayendra Saraswati Ji Maharaj will offer Jalabhishek to Lord Mahakal with the water brought from different resources from all over India and lakhs of farmers will solemn pledge To Save Water. To Conserve Water. To Keep Clean Water.

In the history of our Country this is a unique and biggest event ever in which Water wil be collected from 3 lakh villages of different regions of Bharat (India) and take solemn pledge to conserve water. For the successful execution of this National convention all the arrangements have been made historical Kartik Mela ground about 4 lakh sq. ft big Pandal is decorated. For the same in order to provide accommodations to delegates. 10 villages have been made with adequate facilities.

For this grand event Bhartiya Kisan Sangh has made excellent preparation. In this connection since 15th January onwards almost 57 Rath-Yatras taken out throughout the Malwa region & Jal Yatra also Organised in about 500 districts and 2500 blocks with the slogan “Swalambi Kisan Sampann Gram, Samarth Bharat ”  this is a unique events of water conservation and Jalabhishek of Lord Mahakal being in operation at a war footing. Lord of farmers Balram’s 16 ft. high staute has been erected at the venue.

This National Convention has become sole focus for the entire world community whatever pledge & promises taken here will cost impact on the economic policies of the country pertaining to the interest of the farmers.

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