Krishi Devta Balram : कृषि देवता बलराम

Agriculture God Balramji in Power Effulgent

Introduction : The Bhartiya Kisan Sangh wants to see the Indian farmers honoured, self reliant and empowered and this is possible only by acquiring the brave and powerful deposition of plough bearer Lord Balramji, by the farmers.

The given episode has been referred from our tradition and religious books and it is expected it will surely motivate farmers towards fighting for their just cause.

Balramji not only championed the cause of agriculture but also encouraged technology in it, like irrigation and advanced farmings there by resulting in a happy prosperous Indian agriculture sector.

Balramji was incarnation of Lord Laxman – the word which denotes good signs like fortune and progress. Sage Garg had given him name “Ram” since he lovingly abided ¼je.k&jke½ in peoples heart.

We want that BKS should abide in all farmers. Balramji is “Sesh Sanatan” or eternal – thus surviving all the deluge and catastrophe and has a respectable position in people’s hearts.

He makes us aware that we Indians are still continuing gloriously when Greece, Rome and Egypt have perished. He inspire the farmers to be united and powerful. Jaidev in Geet Govinda has said Þds’ko /k`r gy/kj #it; txnh’k gjsÞ “Keshav Dhrithaldharoop Jai Jagdeesh Hare” meaning that almighty lord has taken the form of plough bearer, haldhar Shri Balramji. Balramji’s plough denotes farming = prosperity = power, while his Musal or club denotes people power. If the plough denotes creative energy then the club is for evil’s anihiliation

Ultimately Bhisma ordered for Samb Kumar to taken captive and for this too only Duryodhana, Karna, Shakuni, Aswatthamma, Dusashan and Shakuni’s son Uluk could gather courage. With Sambkumar as captive and Laxmana not ready to accept anyone else as husband; it was a virtual statemate in which Bhisma advised the Kauravas to wait till the parents of Samb Kumar would arrive.

And finally Lord Balram came to ask for the release and his nephew Samb and his wedding to Laxmana. Duryodhana taking note of the fact that Yadu were one time vassals of Bharatas ultered some highly derogatory remarks against Yadus. This was too much for Balram to bear. He took his plough and pierced its share at a place in Hastinapur. People observed that a lightening like power was ripping from underneath the Hastinapur city; it began to tremble and became titled in one direction as if work of some massive upheaval; people observed they were sinking towards the holy river.

All the great warriors surrendered and hung their head in defeat. Fearing total doom, Duryodhana pleaded mercy to Balramji, Duryodhana further said that he was honoured to have representatives of Kshitisheswar Shri Ugrasen at his city and would happily arrange for the wedding of Laxmana with Sambkumar. But Balram said that Duryodhana by his earlier indiscretion has lost the honour of being eligible for kanyadan and wedding ceremonies would now take place at Dwarka, and Duryodhana can now only give gifts to his daughter and son in law.

The Kauravas thanked Lord Balram at this, from total destruction and loss of prestige this was at least a face saving device. They bowed low to Balramji and Laxmana was happily wedded at Dwarka. Duryodhana also made celebrations in Hastinapur. From that day Hastinapur is titled a bit towards the river.

Taking inspiration from their ideal Lord Balramji, the crores of Indian farmers can also get united along with plough. It would mark the generation of power of lacs of elephants in them to bend the unjust governments, thereby expressing the effulgent grace and strength of Balramji. A nation or community attains its honour and due not through petitions but by active positive movement.