Bharatiya Kisan Sangh National Level Delegates meeting in Nizamabad from Feb 4th to 7th 2017

Nizamabad: India is such a country wherein about 70% of its population depends on Agriculture for livelihood. No doubt they play key role in Agriculture sector but they continue to face financial hardships as it has remained unorganised. Many a time such financial crises are driving them to suicides thereby creating kind of social unrest. Governments have also not been able to guide them in right direction.

In the aforesaid backdrop, in order to protect farming community by checking suicides, Bharatiya Kisan Sangh (BKS) is on a mission to unite farming community cutting across caste and political affiliations. Kisan Sangh seeks to strengthen movement through village development.

Bharathiya Kisan Sangh (BKS) was established on March 4, 1979 in Kota town of Rajasthan  state by Dathopanth Thengadeji, one of the greatest philosophers who sacrificed his life in the service of nation. Gradually, BKS expanded its activities to 485 districts across the country. Now the organization has more than 50,000 village units which are engaged in finding solutions to problems being faced by farming community, becoming voice for voiceless, and has become a ray of hope (Asha Jyothi) for farmers in the country.

Building collective leadership, maintaining distance from active politics, instilling a sense of discipline and creating awareness amongst farmers has been top priority of BKS.

 BKS has been working with commitment for the last 37 years believing in concept of treating entire village a family consisting of farmers, tenant farmers, agricultural labourers, Artisans who are dependent on agriculture.

BKS Annual national level delegates meetings is scheduled to be held at Agriculture Market Yard (SHRADHANAND GUNJ)  in Nizamabad town from February 4 to 7' 2017. Nizambad is not only one of the major towns in state of Telangana but is a well developed district in terms of agriculture.

More than 700 delegates from all over the country will attend the five day conference. Senior IAS officer and Telangana State Priciple Secretory for Agriculture   shri C.Partha Sarathi will inaugurate the conference formally on Feb 5th.  

Dr  V Praveen Rao

vice chancilor,PJSTAU Rajendranagar, Hyderabad.

I N Baswa Gouda BKS all India President(Karnataka), will be preside over the conference.

Prabhaker N Kelkar ,

Vice President( New Delhi),

Ambhu Bhai Patel,

Vice President ( Gujarat )

Ajith Kumar Bharekh,

Vice President ( West Bengal)

Smt Vimala Tiwari,

Vice President 

( Madya Pradesh)

Badri Narayan Chowdary,

General Secretory

Special Invitee 

Shri Anirudh Desh Pande , 

Prof of Commerce and Econimucs from Pune 

are also attending the meeting. He will enlighten delegates regarding Impact of 25 years of globalization on agriculture & rural economy.

The meeting will discuss prevailing situation in agricultural sector and adopt various resolutions. 

BKS leadership has prepared more than 10 demands list and all demands would be discussed in detail. Only thereafter resolutions will be adopted. The meeting will also spell out future course of action plans in order to achieve their demands.

Speaking to mediapersons in Nizamabad town, BKS national organizing secretary  shri Dinesh Dathathri Kulakarni admitted that the meeting has got its own importance and it will respond to Union Budget only after it is tabled in both houses of Parliament on Feb 1st. He has opined that the Union Government should review the situation in Agricultural sector to analyze what has happened in last 70 years and it will help government to set right the situation.

``Agricultural sector is in state of crisis and farmers are facing serious challenges and problems. National Crime Record Bureau report said that farmers suicides are increasing day by day in all over the country and Punjab farmers situation is creating fear in farmers society,’’ he said. 

He maintained that BKS has been demanding the government, for the past several years, to convene special parliament sessions to discuss only Agricultural related issues and strengthen Agricultural Department right from national capital to village level. He pointed out that BKS has already met 350 MPs and submitted memorandum over the same.

``After Narendra Modi became Prime Minister, government is doing well in addressing several issues but they should establish better coordination with the state government departments then only union government programmes will reach to the farmers in the villages,’’ Kulakarni pointed out.

Local BKS leadership is making elaborate arrangements to make the national level delegates meeting a grand success as the same was being held in Nizamabad for the first time.