Resolution passed in pratinidhi Sabha 2017


Dates: 1st to 3rd-Dec'2017




    Some days ago the farmers of Yavatmal Dist. of Maharashtra used the AGRO CHEMICALS, and due to harmful reaction of the chemicals, 27 Farmers died and hundreds of farmers were hospitalized and struggling with life and death.

   Prior to this incident, the farmers of Telangana, Odisha, Vidarbha and other regions of our country died due to similar reason, and many farmers are victimised with the effect of severe Cancer in Delhi and Punjab regions.

     Today we are lacking authentic Acts and their implementation for   the use of Agrochemicals safely.
There is no controle and checkup for Testing the Quantity, Quality, Standards of these chemicals
on behalf of the Government authorities.

The  Various Pesticides, Herbicides, Growth promoters, Micro nutrients and Repellents etc. are available in the market today. But due to lack of proper checkup and testing of all the "BANNED CHEMICALS" are being sold in abundance in the open market, causing danger to lives of farmers.

   The life of "Victimised Peasants" is compensated with One or Two Lakh rupees by the manufacturing companies and pushing the farmers towards death zone.

The responsible Company owners and dealers are enjoying their sales proudly.
     HENCE, after deep discussions, the following "Resolutions" are made for the welfare and safety of the farmers.

* 1) The Govt.has to take responsibility for arranging "Research Personal" for checking and testing the Contents, Standard, Quality and the proportion of chemicals needed according to Climatic conditions of the agricultural regions.

* 2) "A Management Bill" should be passed for using Pesticides and Agrochemicals safely.

* 3) Any manufacturer overlooks the "Prescribed Specifications" and continues the Production and sales, should be penalised heavily, and the concerned persons should be punished under CRPC Act, and such Companies should be banned and black listed.

* 4) Glyphosate and other chemicals causing harmful diseases should be strictly "Banned" by Govt.Authority.

* 5) Min. penalisation limits should be fixed while issuing "Licences" to dealers and sellers, so that they may serve the farmers and the society loyally. Otherwise they are subject to penalisation.

* 6) The manufacturers of all types of Agrochemicals should take responsibility to make the farmers aware of their products and train them needfully for safe usage of chemicals.They should supply safety equipments also to avoid dangerous effects to the users.

*7) If any product of Agrochemicals does not yield expected positive results and cause loss to the farmers, the Company should take responsibility to  compensate the farmer in the form of Cash or Kind.

* 8) If farmer looses his life or becomes irrecoverably sick, the Company should pay the compensation to  his family proportionately to the rest of the victim's life.

* 9) All the publicity and informative  material should be supplied by the manufactureres only in local languages.

* 10) All the packages of chemicals should be marked the Caution as " THE CONTENT IS HARMFUL TO HUMAN LIFE".
  Similarly the details of Contents, Quantity and safe Usage should be mentioned on the packages.

*11) The weed removing or destroying poceedures should be Natural and echo friendly , but not by harmful chemicals for life.