The Annual Report of BKS presented on 19-02-2010

(The Annual Report presented by General secretary Ma. Prabhakar Kelkar in Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha, Trichy, Tamilnadu on 19 - 2 - 2010.)
Honorable advisory committee, respectable President and all members of the Pratinidhi Sabha, Farmer brothers and Sisters:
I take this opportunity to express my profound gratitude for your valuable presence in participating in this Pratinidhi Sabha. I am delighted and express my pleasure to all members of the Tamilnadu members for inviting to hold the Pratinidhi Sabha at an historical, holy and the cultural city of Trichy.
I would like to place on record that on 4th March Bharatiya Kisan Sangh is completing its 31 years of existence. I am quite certain that after deliberations and discussions the decisions taken with wisdom would have landmark impact on the functioning of the organisation.
Last year we had Pratinidhi Sabha at Tivri – Jodhpur, wherein we elected our new Rashtriya Karya Karini. And after that, I am having this opportunity to meet you all and to share my feelings with you. On this occasion, it is desirable to have a look at the past functioning and decide the future course of plans and programmes for the prosperity of the Kisans.
We are deeply perturbed and anguished that many of our brother Kisans have committed suicides due to worst agricultural policies and non-yielding crops. We collectively pay our tribute to those Kisans who have succumbed to the circumstances and were forced to commit suicide due to the faulty policies which did not benefit the poor Kisans.
We also pay our rich tribute to our Jawans and civilians who have lost their lives while defending our borders of Pakistan, Bangladesh and China and also who have lost their lives in terrorist attacks.
Some of our members lost their lives during the last year. We pay tribute to all of them who have lost their lives due to various reasons during this period.
Last year was one of the worst due to natural disasters like Tsunami, earth­quakes, economic recession etc. which affected the livelihood of us all and had a cascading effect. The financial crises which began from the worst engulfed in it the entire world and our country was not exception to it. During this time of crises Bharatiya farmers by putting in additional efforts and skills and by taking out a good harvest has done a benevolent task for the country. In spite of the worst conditions around the world we withstood the onslaught of recessionary tendencies around the world. During this period Bharatiya Kisan Sangh has given valuable support and guidance to the farmers and also pressurized the Government, to adopt and implement policies which would inspire farmers for better yield.
We are happy to state that all the state level units have done their best to conduct programmes of Kisan Jagran. On 1st September 2009, the Kisan Sangh had a Dharna programme at New Delhi. More than 3500 Kisans participated in Dharna at Delhi, to alert the Central Government take notice of the problems of farmers and have a rethink about participation in WTO which would have harmed our farmers.
As a normal practice, Kisan Sangh always thinks about the policies and functioning which will enrich the “Chinthan” as a part of organisational work. Kisan Sangh has decided to have a Chinthan Baithak. During the last year a Chintan Baithak was conducted at Bhopal and our members were happy in the benign presence of Sarsangh Chalak Poojaniya Mohan Ji Bhagwat. The members of the Kisan Sangh – Bhopal contributed their best to make the Baithak a great success.

Statewise Special Highlights:
1. Kerala – In Kozhikode district of Kerala, BKS Karyakaratas have gathered together to clean channels of canals to improve the flow of water to fields. The work was carried out for 26 Sundays continuously, which facilitated irrigation of fields in the district.
2. Kerala Pranth has owned a new office in the preceding year.
3. Tamilnadu -Tamilnadu farmers conducted a Dharna for getting Cauvery water for agricultural purpose.
4. Dakshin Karnataka – Kisan Sangh Karnataka agitated against BT Brinjal’s seed introduction as approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India.
5. Poorva Andhra – Kisan Sangh Poorva Andhra distributed free seeds to the farmers in flood affected areas.
6. West Andhra -Kisan Sangh West Andhra constructed and dedicated a temple to Bhagwan Balram.
7. Vidharbha -Kisan Sangh Karnataka agitated against BT Brinjal’s seed introduction as approved by Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India. This was also followed up by Orissa, Gujarat and West Bengal.
8. Gujarat – Kisan Sangh Gujarat organised and performed marriages of inter-castes and tribes.
9. Madhya Pradesh – Due to agitation of Kisan Sangh the farmers got a bonus of Rs. 50 per MT. For paddy and the Government of Madhya Pradesh has decided to implement organic (Jaivik) farming programmes in agriculture.
10. Malwa – Malwa pranth students of agriculture have agitated for electricity for their studies.
11. Chhatisgarh -Kisan Sangh Chhatisgarh have agitated demanding bonus for Paddy.
12. Chittorgarh – Due to agitation of Kisan Sangh, dam water was released for the agricultural purpose.
13. Jodhpur – due to agitation of Kisan Sangh, the Government has given relief and assistance to the farmers affected by floods.
14. Haryana -Kisan Sangh Haryana made a campaign on swadeshi awareness in the month of September.
15. Punjab -Kisan Sangh Punjab had arranged for family get together of farmers.
16. Meerut -Agitation for increase in the sugar-cane price. They also stopped supply of sugar-cane to sugar factories until the demands were met. They were successful in the agitation.
17. Kashi -Kisan Sangh  managed to get a better support price for the grains(rice and wheat after an agitation.

Organizational Programmes:
In the past before 2006, Kisan Sangh membership was only for one year. In 2005 at Ayodhya Adhiveshan, it was decided to change this format of membership to once in three years. The above said decision was implemented from the year 2006 onwards. Now enrolment for three years from 2009 onwards is underway with remarkable success.
Special Experiences during Membership campaign 2009.
1   Mandya district made a monumental effort of one day enrolment of farmers into Kisan Sangh with a mammoth figure of 23000 members in a single day campaign.
2  Madhya Bharat took on Mandya with a single day enrolment of 94000 members.
3   Ever since membership campaign commenced, we have achieved a membership of 25000 and above in six States.
4   Among these six States Gujarat, Malwa and Madhya Bharat have a membership of more than 50000.  The campaign is still on.
5   We hope and trust many more States will achieve the distinction of a membership of 50000 and above. Membership has reached a figure of 7 Lakh and desire it to continue and grow.
6  When the campaign culminates in March we hope and are confident to have over 25 lakh members under Bharatiya Kisan Sangh.
7  We call upon each and every member of Bharthiya Kisan Sangh to put in their best efforts in making this desire a grand reality.

State Conference (Pranthiya Adhiveshan)
The organization strength of any organization can only be visible when it is exhibited before the society and when society recognises the same. To strengthen the organization and work in the field and to make best use of karyakartas, it is important to hold state level conferences and urge all members to make their best contributions in making state level conferences. Success of such conferences invariably contributes to getting new and enhanced talents within the Kisan Sangh members, build tremendous confidence in existing cadres and in various Kisan Sanghs in all the States.
In view of such effort Andhra Pradesh, Vidharbha, Chhatisgarh, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Bharat, Malwa, Maha Koshal, West Bengal, Orissa, Punjab, Kashi and Bihar Pranths have already had their conferences in their respective States. We desire and hope that other States do follow their steps in organizing their respective conferences within this year or latest by next year beginning to culminate rejuvenated activism of all the States.
We will all be happy to know that BKS is steadily growing over all areas of Bharath Varsha and spreading its organizational growth all across the growth curve. At BKS we desire the growth starts from Gram Sabha level, through central units. The spread of organizational work at all levels of agriculture field is of prime importance to the growth of Kisan Sangh which always identifies itself with all issues of national interest and we at BKS have a great thrust towards the vision that nation’s progress is closely related to the progress of farmers of this great nation and any growth devoid of progress of Kisan cannot be considered as growth.
Bharthiya Kisan Sangh has been cultivating the habit of learning through training. Abhyas vargas are conducted throughout the country to facilitate training on farming practices, Kisan Sangh Vision and organic farming along with Goraksha by Kisan Sangh.
Kisan Sangh encourages participation of mahila karyakarthas in all its activities and is of the view that the women play a major role in the agrarian economy. Separate training camps and study groups are arranged for Mahila karyakarthas to uplift and upgrade their knowledge about various emerging factors of Kisan Sangh as well as global developments. It is desired to develop more and more activism among women activists in order to bring a combined participation of women in national economic rejuvenation activities. All States shall provide special focus on developing women cadres. This can give larger growth of Kisan Sangh in its spread all over the country. Women activism would reflect positively on Kisan Sangh’s growth.

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