Resolutions passed in Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha 2009 at Jodhpur

Jodhpur Resolution

Ugabdha 5110, Phalgun Shudha 2, 3/4,5 Vikram Samvat 2065
Date 27, 28 February , 1 March 2009

Resolution No. 1
Cow-based self reliant organic farming

Resolution No.2
Food security be ensured.

Resolution No.3
Bhagawan Balram jayanti be declared a ‘Farmers Day’.

Resolution No.4
Agriculture and Village based sustainable economy is only alternative.

The significance of cow and cow-dung is realized. Traditionally our nation has been an agricultural based country. For thousands of years farmer has been capable of fulfilling all needs including food of the family, society and the country through his hard work, wide experience and knowledge of the nature e.g. resources of land, water and climate.
Presently the condition of the farmer and farming has become worst and it become rather difficult for the farmers to earn his livelihood through agriculture. Though a Green Revolution to the certain extent have improved the production of food grains but it has got it’s adverse effects i.e. loss of fertility of land, diminishing growth rate of yield and high cost of production added to the produced agro products are polluted one, having poisons effect to the consumer. The high cost of production is unbearable financial burden to the farmer, resulting loss in agriculture. In this context instead of self sufficiency farmer has become dependent and agriculture has become commercialized trade. The present of agro marketing has gone in the hands of business houses, capitalist. The farmers are forced to sell their hard earn produce at a low cost to these business houses at low price during the harvest to meet his needs. It has become rather difficult for the farmers to recover even cost of production. This has resulted net loss and non viability of farming.
In the name of globalization & modernization the farming has became commercialized. It is slowly going from the hands of farmers and being grabd by Capitalist, Industrialist and multinational’s.
Due to the use of heavy dose of chemical fertilizer and pesticides in cultivation, the demand of food grains, vegetables, fruits and agro products has been declining in the world market. Wheat and mangoes produced in India last year were rejected by various countries because of intoxication by way of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
The major factor that affects the agricultural productivity is the fertility of soil. Use of chemical fertilizers results in high production to the certain extent in the beginning but in long run the production is diminishing one causing loss of fertility of land. Having fatal stroke to the farmers. The farmers are under going a very bad experience. Now it is a high time to save our system of agriculture from the phase of destruction, degradation of land and to protect the agricultural produce from poisonous toxicity. It is incumbent to have a resolution on oath to follow strictly cow base organic farming by use of natural manure and pesticides and to build a self sufficient, self reliant farming and self reliant nation.
With this resolution the ‘All India pratinidhi sabha of ‘Bhartiya Kisan Sangh’ put forth the following demands to the Government of India.
1.cow based organic farming should be encouraged by giving adequate incentives as regards to scientific research and development financial aids supported with the production programme and marketing.
2.The farmer should be encourage to use his fields as lab for research by providing him with required facilities and incentive that is lab assistant base research and techno guidance etc.
3.The band on chemical fertilizer and pesticide should be imposed in India as to avoid a toxic poisonous effect to the living organism. As being done in the other several countries.
4.The centers for standardization of organic agro products are to be made available cost free at tehsil / block level.
5.A special research centre be set up at ‘Indian Agriculture research Institute, New Delhi’, to perform search and research in the traditional methods of farming. Research process is also started on ‘traditional methods of farming’, at various agriculture research centers through out India.
6.statutory warning should be notified on the products such as chemical fertilizer, pesticides etc. specifying that the ‘product may be injurious to the health and environment.’
This pratinidhi sabha of Bhartiya kisan sangh calls upon all the farmers of the nation not to use chemical fertilizers and pesticides and use only organic manures and pesticides as to protect a sound health and valuable lives of Indian citizens in the national interest.
This pratinidhi sabha also thanks to the agriculturist stock farmers who had already adopted right path of organic farming. This pratinidhi sabha also express its perform thanks to the state governments of Arunachal & sikkim who has decided to shift over to organic farming and to convert entire agro system as a complete organic zone by 2012. Bhartiya kisan sangh also thankful to state of Gujarat for their animus. We also request to citizens of India not to consume such agro products produced by poisons chemical and fertilizers which may endanger their health and coming generation of our country.

Resolution No.2
Food security be ensured

Today our country is self-sufficient in food grain, oil seeds and pulses. It will be self appreciation to say that we are producing 220 million tons of food grains yet it is sufficient for our ever growing population.
The productive land of our country is rapidly decreasing due to the wrong policies of our government. Approximately 5 lacs hectare of agriculture land has become unproductive in the last seven years (2000-2005).
In the year 1980-81, 124.84 million hectare land was being used for agriculture which has now reduced to 123.4 in 2006-07.
Per capita availability of food grain has also reduced from 142.8 kg/year (1980) to 160.4 kg/year (2007). The same is the condition with pulses. We are importing 50% of our requirement of edible oil.
Our second Prime Minister Late Lal Bahadur Shastri had made efforts to end up our food dependency on America and make our country self dependence in agriculture.
He gave slogan of ‘Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan’. With there efforts we have achieved food self dependence. But the policies that the government is following presently may lead us to loose our self dependence. The government is satisfied with first 40 million tans of buffer stock instead of 200 million tans. Whereas a country like England keeps sufficient buffer stock for the consecutive three years. Today the demand in our country is low to poverty. If this demand rises the self dependency will be soon lost.
For not getting profitable price against the cost farmers are thinking of shifting the cultivation of food grains, oil seeds to other crops such as flowers etc. Government is also encouraging it in name of diversification.
Instead of this the farmers should be given cost based profitable price for their production and one year advance of buffer stock be maintained.
The Representative association of Bhartiya Kisan Sangh demands ‘food security assurance’ from the government. For food security it is essential that the agriculture land be prevented from becoming unproductive. It should be ensured that the agricultural land is not used for non-agricultural purpose.
We are far behind in the matter of oil seeds and pulses. The products should be encouraged instead of importing them. There are infinite possibilities for agriculture in purvanchal and planes of Ganges.

Resolution No.3
Bhagawan Balram jayanti be declared a ‘Farmers Day’

India is an agro based nation since last thousands of year. Indian culture is enriched with system of agro developed by Rishi-Muni and strength of India is covered with wealth of agro. The Indian system of agriculture has been recognized by the world. The birth and the sad demise days of many of saint as rastrapuroosh are recognized but the days of Rishi & Muni like Bhagawan Balram who is originator of system of agriculture has been forgotten and ignored by the government. There for this pratinidhi sabha demands that the government should declare Bhadrapad Shukla Shashthi, the day of bhagawan balram as farmer’s day (KISAN DAY).

Resolution No.4
Agriculture and Village based sustainable economy is only alternative

Today entire world is obsessed with phenomenon of global meltdown. The sole super power of contemporary world, USA and emerging power like China are equally confronted with rising unemployment and economic slow down (especially export richer in china). The euphoria of growth rate created in India after economic reform and globalization is also frittering away. Sober realization of growth rate coming down from 9 % to 7%, is slowly gaining ground. Some economic experts are of the opinion that growth rate may actually come down to around 5 percent in the second half of year 2009. But this all pervading gloom is merely tip of the ice berg. It is indication of some in depth structural fault lives in our economy. Founder of Bhartiya Kisan Sangh Late Dathopant Thengdiji predicted two decades before about collapse of entire western through stream namely – Communism and Capitation. Present crisis is one manifestation of that prophesies. Present crisis by byproduct of industrial civilization based on maximization of consumption. This centralized economic system has completely destroyed fine balance integration and interdependence between individual-family-society-nature.
Present crisis is not about finance market or banks. Neither it is about slowdown of growth rate. Unless social and ecological costs involved in growth process are also made part of economic growth standardization, till then prosperity and growth would remain paradise for few and farce for majority of people. India’s ‘Rishi-Krishi’ tradition has basis tenets of this holistic development. India should try to develop agriculture and agro based industry according our time tested ancient wisdom, which has survived for thousands of years. We will have to develop a rural economic order based on ‘Gou-Vansh’. We will have to create our own new standards of economic growth. But it is impossible to achieve this objective without giving priority to agriculture sector.
Hence Bhartiya Kisan Sangh demands a fresh debate about implication of present global crisis evolving a new economic order based on agriculture and agro industries. We call upon the government to give topmost priority to village and agriculture based economic planning. We also call upon great farmers of India to take organized initiative for creation of new and real India.

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